Joseph Lee Jackson
Freddie Mercury


Pat Coleman

Pat Coleman
Roger Taylor


Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey
Spike Edney


Glen Scrimshaw

Glen Scrimshaw
Brian May



Mike Scrimshaw
John Deacon



The Band Equipment


Joseph Lee Jackson

Joseph Lee Jackson uses Shure Radio mic systems and Shure PSM 600 In Ear monitoring


Glenn Scrimshaw

3 VOX AC30 Brian May Signature Limited Edition Amps

1993 Guild Brian May Signature guitar
Burns Brian May guitar
Ovation 12 string electro-acoustic guitar
Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster
Brian May/Fryer Mayhem Overdrive
Rocktron Intellifex signal processor
Rocktron Midi Mate controller
Shure PSM600 In Ear monitor system
Shure Beta 58 vocal mic.
Korg DTR-1 rackmount tuner
Flight cases by Packhorse


Pat Coleman

DW Collectors Series in Silver Sparkle finish
22 inch Bass Drum
10,12,13,14 inch Hanging Tom Toms
16 x16 inch Floor Tom
Ludwig 14 X 6.5 inch vintage Black Beauty and Ludwig 14x6.5 inch Vintage hand hammered brass shell snare drums
DW 9000 series hardware throughout
DW 9000 series Double Pedal
K Zildjian Cymbals
13 inch Hi Hats,20 inch ride,18 inch Fast Crash
Paiste Cymbals 2002 series
17 and 18 inch crash cymbals 20 inch China Type Cymbal
Vic Firth 2b Drumsticks
Shure and Sennheiser Microphones throughout


Mike Scrimshaw

Music Man Stingray Classic 4 – Sledge, Maple
Music Man Stingray Classic 5 - Sledge, Maple
Status Graphite 5
Yamaha Silent Guitar
Strings By D'addario & Ernie Ball
TC Electronic – Blacksmith
2 X TC Electronic – RS 410 Bass Cabs
TC Electronic – RC 4
Boss GT-10B Bass Guitar Effects Processor
Shure PSM600 In Ear Monitor System
Shure Beta 58 Vocal Mic

Flight Cases by 3D


Lee Harvey

Korg Triton LE keyboard
Korg Trinity keyboard
Korg Synth
Peavey Keyboard amp
Shure PSM600 In Ear monitor system
Shure headset vocal mic
Flight cases by Packhorse